October Affiliate Exclusive

The leaves are turning in Colorado. The air is crisp. It must be Fall which means it is time to snuggle up and enjoy some CBD. See below for the details on the Joy Organics Affiliate Exclusive.

Free 1000 Mint Tincture

  • Spend $75 or more and get a free Joy Organics 1000mg Mint Tincture
  • Starts October 10, 2019
  • Ends October 14, 2019
  • Use code OctoberJoy
  • There is a landing page for this offer that will be available on https://joyorganics.com/octoberjoy when the sale is live
  • You MUST use your affiliate link since the code is not exclusive to you but all affiliates. You can use your main affiliate link/url or the HTML code available in Impact Radius
  • Customer must add the product to their cart in order to receive the free gift
  • Banners and social media sized images below

Topic Ideas

  • CBD as a way to lift spirits during the change of seasons when we don’t get as much light
  • How you use CBD to be the best version of yourself
  • Explain why you promote Joy Organics. This post has great talking points
  • Your CBD Story. Why you believe and take CBD


  • Use the hashtag #ad for social media shout outs to be compliant with FTC
  • Include a disclosure if you are writing a blog post
  • Do not reference any medical symptom or claim. For since, you can’t say “CBD cured my insomnia” but you would say “I had a more restful night sleep after taking CBD”
  • Learn more about compliance regulations here


You can use and/or modify any of the following images.

September Affiliate Exclusive

All things pumpkin. Color leaves. Flannels and sweaters. Celebrate Fall with Joy Organics’ 20% off sale! Don’t miss our on all the details of this affiliate exclusive.

20% Off Details

  • Starts September 19, 2019
  • Ends September 23, 2019
  • 20% off site wide
  • Cannot be used with other coupon codes
  • Does not apply to Sale items or Sample Packs
  • Code fallintojoy
  • You MUST use your affiliate link to receive credit

Topic Ideas

  • Fall in love with Joy
  • Promote Joy Organics CBD and Melatonin Soft Gels to help with new sleep routines related to the end of summer and/or back to school
  • Fall Essentials
  • Fall Cocktails with CBD – think apple cider and mulled drinks
  • Celebrate the first day of Fall – September 23, 2019

Top Benefits Of Joy Organics

  • #1 THC Free CBD Brand
  • World class customer experience including a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Clean and organic ingredients. No dyes or chemicals
  • Product purity, efficacy and safety
  • Most extensive lab testing in industry
  • Industry leading 90% CBD to hemp extract ratio
  • Industry leading research and development


Feel free to use and/or modify the following images for your campaign. Looking for lifestyle images? Click here.

August Promotion Campaign Asset Page

Back to School and the end of summer, August can be a month of change and re commitment to wellness as people return to their routines. It’s a great time to promote the benefits of CBD for every day wellness. See the details below for a great offer to entice your followers to purchase Joy Organics. Note, you will need to use your affiliate link as the code is public.

Free 500mg Orange Tincture

  • Starts August 15th by 8am MT
  • Ends August 19th at midnight MT
  • All orders over $75 receive a free full sized bottle of our popular 500mg Orange Tincture
  • Code summerlove
  • Banners available on Impact Radius
  • Social media sized images and banner located below
  • DO NOT share until the sale is live on the 15th. Sneak peaks of sales only prevent current sales/commissions as well as consumer frustration
  • Share the code with your followers as it will not be live on the main site
  • Cannot be combined with other coupon codes

Topic Ideas

  • Recommit to your wellness
  • Why THC free is important and how it impacts the entourage affect
  • Why you chose Joy Organics – personal story and talking points from the general campaign asset page
  • Recipes using the Orange Tinctures. You can link to the Joy Organics’ Spice-cle Recipe or create your own
  • Create a Top Reasons post such as “Top 5 Reasons I Take CBD Every Day” Or “Top 5 Benefits of CBD”

Compliance Reminders

Always add a disclaimer to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission. For social media posts, use the hashtag #ad. For your blog posts, be sure to explain you earn a commission if your follower clicks on the link. Learn more here.

Be FDA compliant. Include a medical disclosure but also be mindful of how you speak about CBD. Instead of using medical terms such as dosage use servings. Remember CBD is a dietary supplement not a medicine per the FDA. Avoid making any medical claims that CBD cures symptoms or diseases. Instead talk about general wellness and well-being


Right click on the images below to use for social media, email or your site/blog. Feel free to use and/or modify. Don’t miss out on the general lifestyle images at the end of this page

Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.
Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.
Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.

Affiliate of the Month – August

Congratulations to Jasmine of She’s Worthy for being the affiliate of the month. Jasmine is a new affiliate who came into the program with passion, enthusiasm and skill. She quickly became an interactive member in our Facebook Group. I look forward to seeing further insights and posts from Jasmine. Join me in congratulating her in being the Joy Organics Affiliate of the Month. Learn more about Jasmine below.

How and why were you first introduced to CBD?

In 2016, I had major anxiety from stress in my job as a first year teacher. It was so severe that I had panic attacks after work, caught stomach viruses, and kept a head cold all year long. I found some products to help my immune system, but the anxiety was still flaring up as I became a serial entrepreneur and investor just a few months after leaving my job. I needed something I could take on the go, without having to consider a prescription to help me stay calm. That’s when my cousin encouraged me to try CBD. We already had purchased various stocks in the industry, but he recommended I actually incorporate those products into my daily routine. Now that I am an advent user, I’ve found CBD Joy Organics to be the most relaxing and calming product on the market. It’s highly effective and works very quickly into my system.

Why did you become a Joy Organics affiliate?

I literally googled the top affiliate program in the market and Joy Organics popped up. After trying the products for myself and doing research, I fell in love. Joy’s story is heart warming, and I felt connected to her reason for starting the company. With everything, I try to bring love and JOY into the mix, and Joy Organics gave me just that. Now, I get to share these products with the world and help them heal their souls and go after their dreams with ease.

What is your favorite resource for Joy Organics affiliate?

The Joy Organics Blog is where I have found the most educational value and resource for affiliates. If you don’t know your product, why would anyone buy it from you? I am able to learn and grow as the blogposts come out each week. On top of that, I share them with customers and potential customers. They need to know what’s going on in their bodies to understand how our Cannabidiol System works. Along with the education support from the blog, I love our growing Facebook group. It allows me to pop in and ask questions. There’s always someone on guard to help. Having a community of engaged learners has made being an affiliate fun for me.

What is your top promotional method?

Sales, branding, and marketing is my favorite thing to do in general. I have found that having a thriving Facebook page where I am giving tips about CBD has been the most effective. By sharing what I know to help others allows my audience to trust me and know that I genuinely only want the best for them. Sure, there are monetary benefits of being an affiliate, but changing people’s lives and health, that’s where my true passion lies.

One Year Anniversary Sale

July marks Joy Organics one year anniversary in business! We are celebrating with 25% off site wide. This is a public offer so be sure to use your affiliate link to receive credit.

Anniversary Sale Details

  • 25% off site wide
  • Cannot be combined with other codes
  • One day only sale – July 23, 2019
  • Code – OneYearStrong

Topic Ideas

  • In just one year, Joy Organics is the #1 THC brand per Alexa, CBDOilReviews.org and other reputable site
  • Joy Organics leads the industry in transparent lab reports testing individual ingredients as well as the product as a whole
  • Talk about your journey to finding Joy Organics and why you choose Joy


July Affiliate Exclusive

The days are long and hot. The nights are cool and feel endless. What’s not to love about summer!?!? From BBQs to summer vacations to beach time, summer is filled with activities and fun. This summer, share your love for CBD and how it can make summer even better! Your affiliate exclusive 25% off code is just one more incentive to get your followers to experience the joy of Joy Organics.

Save 25% Off Site wide

  • 25% off site wide with code BBQ
  • Starts at 10am MT on July 18, 2019
  • Ends at midnight on July 22,2019
  • Cannot be combined with other coupon codes

Topic Ideas

Summer Cocktails with CBD – Use the Custom Link Generator to link to this blog post with 7 cocktail recipes or grab your favorite recipe and modify to make your own. Promote the Joy Organics tinctures with this topic.

Faster Recover – Whether you are sore from a great workout, summer hike or sleeping on the ground while camping, CBD can help reduce your discomfort with anti-inflammatory properties. Promote the Joy Organics salve and/or soft gels.

Experience More Joy. CBD produces a general feeling of well-being. With all the fun that summer brings, it can also come with anxiety and stress for some people. Have a more JOYful summer with Joy Organics. Tinctures, soft gels and gummies would be great products for this topic.

Your Personal Experience. There is no better way to promote Joy Organics than by sharing your personal passion for CBD and our company.

Great Travel Companion. I love to travel with my Joy Organics Energy Drinks. They are easy to slip in my purse, TSA compliant and the perfect pick me up for long travel days and adventures


Feel free to use and/or modify the following images for your campaign.

June Campaign Asset Page

June 21st is the official Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Joy Organics is celebrating by giving away a box of our bestselling CBD Energy Drinks with every purchase over $50. We all could use a little more energy to take advantage of summer fun and long days! See banners, social media sized images and details below.

Free Energy Drinks Promotion

  • Starts June 20, 2019 at midnight
  • Ends June 24, 2019 at midnight
  • Spend $50 or more and receive a free box of CBD Energy Drinks
  • Value is $19.75
  • Code = ENERGY
  • CUSTOMER MUST add the Energy Drink Box to the cart and enter code in order to receive the free product

Post Ideas

  • Enjoy long summer nights with a free box of CBD Energy Drinks
  • Recover faster from your workouts or summer play with a free box of CBD Energy Drinks
  • Curious about CBD? Now is a great time to try Joy Organics. Spend $50 or more get the top selling CBD Energy Drinks for free

Benefits of the Joy Organics Energy Drink

  1. Increased Energy: The CBD and caffeine work together to give increased and steady energy to help you through your day
  2. Improved Mood: Many people who have tried this product experience an enhanced state of happiness. Note, this product is zero THC, so we are not referring to an altered state. However, CBD has long been associated with reducing stress and anxiety which can lead to a better mood
  3. Improved Focus: Whether you’re preparing for an physically demanding performance or needing to concentrate on your work or studies, our CBD energy drink keeps you focused on the task at hand.
  4. Less aches and pains: Whether you have a sore back from sitting in the office or working out, people using CBD products find some relief for general aches and pains
  5. Improves Endurance: Joy’s CBD energy packs provide prolonged energy through 75 mg of  caffeine allowing you to work harder and longer

Banners and Assets

Below are the social media sized images as well as banners for the promotion. You can grab the banners here and hyperlink your code or grab the code from Impact Radius. Static images are first followed by animated GIFs

Affiliate of the Month – Debra Ferrie

Congratulations to Debra Ferrie of The Natural Beauty Mama for being the affiliate of the month. Debra has an amazing drive and work ethic but always keeps a positive attitude. She is a Joy Organics Facebook Group regular and frequently answers other affiliates’ questions before I can even get online. I truly appreciate and value her support and dedication. Learn more about Debra below.

How and why were you first introduced to CBD?

As a holistic beauty and wellness blogger, I do a lot of research online. When CBD starting becoming the buzz word, I looked into it and liked what I saw. I knew it would be good for so many people with various issues who want to avoid pharmaceuticals, including myself.

Why did you become a Joy Organics affiliate?

I wanted to add CBD to my blog and group but there were so many companies around to choose from who have affiliate programs. I spent a few weeks reading, researching and comparing. Joy Organics stood out for multiple reasons- woman owned, no crazy hype like some direct sales companies I saw, good prices, free shipping and the affiliate program itself which came with support and a ton of resources.

What is your favorite resource as a Joy Organics affiliate?

The Facebook group for affiliates. It’s a great way to learn and stay connected.

What is your top promotional method?

I promote across many channels but my beauty and wellness group on Facebook has the most interaction and people there trust me and the products and companies i recommend.

Memorial Day Campaign Asset Page

Memorial Day is the official start of summer and a great time to promote Joy Organics. Please see below for promotional details, topic ideas and assets/images.

Memorial Day Sale

  • Starts Thursday May 23rd
  • Ends Monday May 27th
  • 25% off site wide and free shipping
  • Code SUMMER
  • No product restrictions
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Please use your affiliate links for this offer as there is no custom coupon codes for additional tracking

Topic Ideas

  • Great time to stock up on your CBD products
  • Talk about the aches and pains of summer from hiking, wakeboarding, etc and how CBD can help ease some symptoms
  • Personal review and experience
  • Quench dry skin with the Joy’s CBD skin care line


Below are banners and images you can use and/or modify for your campaigns. To download, please right click with your mouse and click Save Image As. Looking for lifestyle and product images? Please click here.

Web sized banners

I recommend grabbing your banners on your Impact Radius portal with the affiliate code already included. However, I am included below for people who would prefer to download the image and hyperlink their affiliate code.

Creating A Recommended Products Page

When people hear the words affiliate marketing, often passive income immediately comes to mind. My top earning affiliates know how to maximize both passive and active marketing methods. However, many affiliates miss the opportunity to generate consistent commissions with a simple Recommended Products page. If you are a lifestyle, health, wellness, or beauty affiliate; a Recommended Products page is a great source of passive income.

What is a Recommended Products Page in Affiliate Marketing?

Well, it is just like it sounds. It is a dedicated page accessed through your main navigation that shows your followers which products and/or brands you recommend. Here are a few suggestions for naming this custom page:

  • Shop
  • Recommended Products
  • My Favorites

It’s starting to sound familiar, right? You see them regularly and probably didn’t think of these pages as income opportunities.  See below for tips for creating your top converting page.

Tips For Creating A Converting Recommended Products Page

Here are my top tips for creating a Recommended Products page that translates into consistent commissions.

Make It Obvious – Now is not the time to be clever in your naming, instead make it easy to find and obvious. Keep the name of your page simple such as Shop CBD Brands or Top CBD Picks if you want it to be CBD specific. As far as placement, I recommend placing in your top navigation. However, an eye catching side banner is another great option.

Keep it personal – Always remember that your followers clicked on this page for your advice. Don’t simply add links with no context. Instead, explain why you are recommending a particular product. Write an introduction paragraph explaining why this page exists.

An introduction is also a great opportunity to disclose that you have affiliate links as well. Explain that by clicking on these affiliate links, your followers are supporting the content you provide. Your fans want to support you.

Organize It – Create categories for your recommendations so your followers can easily find what they are looking for. For instance, your categories may be CBD, Essential Oils and Top Wellness Products. Another option would be topic focused such as Products for Sleep, Products for Anxiety, and Beauty Products.

Need some inspiration?

The following sites provide great real-life examples. I selected both sites promoting CBD as well as general sites.

Logical Harmony

Kristen Coffield – A Joy Organics affiliate

Organically Becca

Don’t Have A Site?

I have you covered. Use tools such as Link.Tre to create a product recommendation list. Below are some examples.

The Running Carrot

Dr. Daniel