What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an marketing partnership where the online retailer pays a commission or flat fee for a completed goal. Examples of goals include a completed sale (as is the example for the Joy Organics program) but it could also be a lead such as an email submission or traffic to the online retailers site.

Does it cost money to a Joy Organics affiliate?

No, we can only give you money. We can’t take any away. As an affiliate, you do not need to purchase any products.

What is the commission structure for Joy Organics’ Affiliate Program?

We offer an aggressive 25% commission plus regular bonus programs for additional earning potential.

What is your cookie length?

We offer a 60 day cookie length but find most orders are completed within 1-2 business days.

My application was declined. Why?

At this time, we are not accepting coupon, toolbar or loyalty affiliates. Another reason your application was declined could be because we didn’t see a fit with our products. Many times, this happens because your profile site is not the site you intend to promote on. Also, we manually review each affiliate application. As such, human error can take place.

If you feel your application was declined by error, please email us at affiliates [at] joyorganics [dot] com. Let us know your site, social media platforms and marketing strategy for Joy Organics.

How do I get paid?

Joy Organics partners with an Post Affiliate Pro for our tracking, reporting and payment processing. Payments will be provided via PayPal or check. To add your PayPal email address, log into your Post Affiliate Pro account,

How does Joy Organics know when I make a sale?

Post Affiliate Pro maintains the technology to track all clicks and completed sales. The technology used for tracking affiliate sales is cookies. Cookies are inacted when your follower clicks on your link which is why it is essential your followers click on your affiliate link in order for you to get the credit for the referred sale.

One of my followers completed an order but I don’t see it in my report?

This can happen and is many times a result of the follower not clicking on the link. No worries, we can manually enter in your sale. Simply email us (affiliates [at] joyorganics [dot] com) the order ID, date of order completion and customer name.

How can see the results of my campaign?

When you log into your Post Affiliate Pro account, you will see your referral link and overview on money earned. To dig deeper, click on Reports in the top navigation. Here you can have a report emailed to you or you can view within the dashboard. You will see Visits (also known as clicks), Conversions (number of sales you generated), Conversion Rate and eEPC (Effective Earnings Per Click)

How do I contact someone to talk about the Joy Organics affiliate program?

Please email your affiliate team at affiliates [at] joyorganics [dot] com

Am I allowed to use the Joy Organics logo? If so, how do I access?

Yes, you can access the logo and banners via our network partner, Post Affiliate Pro.

How do we promote your products on our website?

The best way to promote on your website is a personal review of the product. Recommendations and tips for creating a converting post can be found on our resource center. Depending on the site, side banners are also effect as well as a Shop/Recommended Products page.

How do I create links to JoyOrganics.com?

You create links via our affiliate network partner, Shareasale. Get step by step instructions right here in our resource center.

What are the best ways to market Joy Organics products?

Top ways to market Joy Organics include a personal recommendation/review on your site with outreach to your followers through email blasts and social media channels.

What if I have more than one website?

You can market to all relevant websites as long as they are compliant with our Terms and Conditions

Can I use your product images, reviews or copy on our website?

Please do not directly copy text from our website. Top converting content is personal and with your voice. Yes, you can use images and reviews from our site. However, I recommend you use images from Refersion as these will have your affiliate link.

What if a customer I refer returns a product?

As long as there are not fraud concerns, you are not penalized for returns