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How to fill out the Impact Radius Application includes FAQs such as Do I need a website to apply?

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Easiest Way To Get A Link and Get Banners

How to get an exclusive Joy Organics coupon code

How to run product level reporting within Impact Radius

How to refer other affiliates into the program so you receive a commission

Help, how do I get paid

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General Joy Organics Campaign Asset Page

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How to create a converting affiliate blog post

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Top affiliate selling points for Joy Organics

Topic ideas ideal for search engine optimization and passive income

Campaign Asset Pages – everything you need to create your affiliate post today

General FAQs about affiliate marketing and the program

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How to maximize your podcast for affiliate marketing

Tips for using Instagram for affiliate marketing

Increase conversions and reach with Facebook

Why YouTube is a top commission earner for Joy Organics affiliates

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FTC Disclosures and how to make them sell for you

GDPR Resources and Tips

How to write a blog disclosure including a medical one

Free medical disclaimer template