CBD Energy Drink Packets

Tired of  sugar filled energy drinks that leave you filling jittery and with a hard crash a couple hours later?  Fast acting, all-natural energy is just a sip away with the Joy Organics Energy Drink. With 75MG of caffeine and 12.5MG of zero THC CBD, these energy packets go beyond a boost of energy and provide benefits such as increased focus, reduced inflammation and an improved mood. See details below to introduce your followers to a great alternative energy drink.

Who Can Benefit From CBD Energy Drinks?

  • Athletes
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Cross-fit athletes
  • People working hard to achieve their dreams whether it is in an office, on a field or in a gym
  • People looking for a healthier option to traditional energy drinks

Post Ideas

  • Three Ways CBD Energy Drinks Can Improve Your Training
  • Top 5 Tips For Getting Over An Afternoon Slump
  • How CBD can help your crossfit training
  • Ditch your canned energy drink for this new, innovative product

Benefits of the Joy Organics Energy Drink

  1. Increased Energy: The CBD and caffeine work together to give increased and steady energy to help you through your day
  2. Improved Mood: Many people who have tried this product experience an enhanced state of happiness. Note, this product is zero THC, so we are not referring to an altered state. However, CBD has long been associated with reducing stress and anxiety which can lead to a better mood
  3. Improved Focus: Whether you’re preparing for an physically demanding performance or needing to concentrate on your work or studies, our CBD energy drink keeps you focused on the task at hand.
  4. Less aches and pains: Whether you have a sore back from sitting in the office or working out, people using CBD products find some relief for general aches and pains
  5. Improves Endurance: Joy’s CBD energy packs provide prolonged energy through 75 mg of  caffeine allowing you to work harder and longer

Joy Organics Features

  • Broad spectrum so legal in all 50 states
  • Fast absorption
  • Grown and processed in the USA
  • Zero THC
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan and gluten free

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