April Affiliate Of The Month – Crysta Icore

Joy Organics truly appreciates all our affiliates…large and small. Starting this month, we will be highlighting one affiliate who has gone out of his/her way to contribute to our Joy affiliates community and exhibits passion for our products.

The affiliate of the month for April is Crysta with Dancing with Fireflies.

Crysta is an active Joy Organics Affiliates Facebook Group member. She frequently answers other affiliates questions even before I see them. I truly appreciate her support of the program as well as her passion for Joy Organics. Learn more about Crysta below.

How and why were you first introduced to CBD?

I was first introduced to CBD almost 6 years ago. I have Lyme disease and my list of prescriptions was long and expensive.  But we were at a point where opioids were pushed my way over and over, and I chose to live in pain rather than take that path. That’s when my husband suggested that we try CBD and it changed my life. Admittedly I was afraid of cannabis, I stayed clear of drinking and “drugs” all of my life.  But my eyes were opened when I realized that I could take control over my health and I had healthy alternatives available.

Why did you become a Joy Organics affiliate?

Last fall, Stephanie reached out to me and I did a review of JO products for my blog, Dancing With Fireflies. After giving them a try, I fell in love with not only the products but the company.  I am a huge fan of Joy Organics and I’ve seen the amazing results of the products in the lives of my loved ones.  It works, and I love sharing it with everyone I possibly can.

What is your favorite resource for Joy Organics affiliate?

I am obsessed with reading the resource posts.  I think I’ve read every one of them a few times and I am still going back for new ideas.  I love it. 

What is your top promotional method?

I think Instagram has started to take over as my top method, after my blog.  I love sharing photos and talking to people about the products through Instagram.  I can share the link and talk to people about why I love JO before they go take a look. 

Overall, Joy Organics has given me so much joy and new confidence as an affiliate and as a blogger. I am so happy and exited about 2019 and I’m already freaking out about this year’s holiday season!!

Thanks Steph for this honor.  I am so thankful for your guidance.