Affiliate of the Month – August

Congratulations to Jasmine of She’s Worthy for being the affiliate of the month. Jasmine is a new affiliate who came into the program with passion, enthusiasm and skill. She quickly became an interactive member in our Facebook Group. I look forward to seeing further insights and posts from Jasmine. Join me in congratulating her in being the Joy Organics Affiliate of the Month. Learn more about Jasmine below.

How and why were you first introduced to CBD?

In 2016, I had major anxiety from stress in my job as a first year teacher. It was so severe that I had panic attacks after work, caught stomach viruses, and kept a head cold all year long. I found some products to help my immune system, but the anxiety was still flaring up as I became a serial entrepreneur and investor just a few months after leaving my job. I needed something I could take on the go, without having to consider a prescription to help me stay calm. That’s when my cousin encouraged me to try CBD. We already had purchased various stocks in the industry, but he recommended I actually incorporate those products into my daily routine. Now that I am an advent user, I’ve found CBD Joy Organics to be the most relaxing and calming product on the market. It’s highly effective and works very quickly into my system.

Why did you become a Joy Organics affiliate?

I literally googled the top affiliate program in the market and Joy Organics popped up. After trying the products for myself and doing research, I fell in love. Joy’s story is heart warming, and I felt connected to her reason for starting the company. With everything, I try to bring love and JOY into the mix, and Joy Organics gave me just that. Now, I get to share these products with the world and help them heal their souls and go after their dreams with ease.

What is your favorite resource for Joy Organics affiliate?

The Joy Organics Blog is where I have found the most educational value and resource for affiliates. If you don’t know your product, why would anyone buy it from you? I am able to learn and grow as the blogposts come out each week. On top of that, I share them with customers and potential customers. They need to know what’s going on in their bodies to understand how our Cannabidiol System works. Along with the education support from the blog, I love our growing Facebook group. It allows me to pop in and ask questions. There’s always someone on guard to help. Having a community of engaged learners has made being an affiliate fun for me.

What is your top promotional method?

Sales, branding, and marketing is my favorite thing to do in general. I have found that having a thriving Facebook page where I am giving tips about CBD has been the most effective. By sharing what I know to help others allows my audience to trust me and know that I genuinely only want the best for them. Sure, there are monetary benefits of being an affiliate, but changing people’s lives and health, that’s where my true passion lies.