August Promotion Campaign Asset Page

Back to School and the end of summer, August can be a month of change and re commitment to wellness as people return to their routines. It’s a great time to promote the benefits of CBD for every day wellness. See the details below for a great offer to entice your followers to purchase Joy Organics. Note, you will need to use your affiliate link as the code is public.

Free 500mg Orange Tincture

  • Starts August 15th by 8am MT
  • Ends August 19th at midnight MT
  • All orders over $75 receive a free full sized bottle of our popular 500mg Orange Tincture
  • Code summerlove
  • Banners available on Impact Radius
  • Social media sized images and banner located below
  • DO NOT share until the sale is live on the 15th. Sneak peaks of sales only prevent current sales/commissions as well as consumer frustration
  • Share the code with your followers as it will not be live on the main site
  • Cannot be combined with other coupon codes

Topic Ideas

  • Recommit to your wellness
  • Why THC free is important and how it impacts the entourage affect
  • Why you chose Joy Organics – personal story and talking points from the general campaign asset page
  • Recipes using the Orange Tinctures. You can link to the Joy Organics’ Spice-cle Recipe or create your own
  • Create a Top Reasons post such as “Top 5 Reasons I Take CBD Every Day” Or “Top 5 Benefits of CBD”

Compliance Reminders

Always add a disclaimer to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission. For social media posts, use the hashtag #ad. For your blog posts, be sure to explain you earn a commission if your follower clicks on the link. Learn more here.

Be FDA compliant. Include a medical disclosure but also be mindful of how you speak about CBD. Instead of using medical terms such as dosage use servings. Remember CBD is a dietary supplement not a medicine per the FDA. Avoid making any medical claims that CBD cures symptoms or diseases. Instead talk about general wellness and well-being


Right click on the images below to use for social media, email or your site/blog. Feel free to use and/or modify. Don’t miss out on the general lifestyle images at the end of this page

Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.
Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.
Photography of the Products of Joy Organics.