2019 Joy Organics Holiday Promotions

‘Tis the season for candy canes, presents, beautiful lights and amazing commissions! Joy Organics next promotion will take place in the beginning of January. However, you can continue to promote holiday ‘deals’ with your 15% off code. Don’t have a code? Click here to learn how to get one.

Holiday Images

Tincture BOGO Sale

Halloween is over. People are already stressing and hustling about the holidays. Help your followers relax with this amazing deal that takes place for one day only. Get the details and images below.

Tincture BOGO Sale

  • November 19, 2019 – ONE DAY ONLY
  • Buy any flavored tincture (mint, orange and lemon) and get a second tincture for free
  • Does not apply to Natural tinctures
  • DOES apply to ALL strengths
  • Coupon code tincturebogo
  • This is a public offer and will be on the main site . You must use an affiliate link to receive credit

Topic Ideas

  • Self care for the holidays
  • Tincture holiday recipes. Food and/or drinks
  • Early shopping
  • Stock up

Always Be Compliant


When sharing about Joy Organics or your affiliate link on social media or a blog post, you must also include a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) disclosure. On social media, I recommend starting each post with #ad. For your site, one to two sentences explaining that there are affiliate links in the post and you would earn a commission is all you need. See examples and more details here.


Be careful about making any medical claims about CBD. Always include a medical disclosure on your site and avoid phrases and words that sound medical. Below are common examples

  • Replace “dosage” with “serving”
  • Replace “insomnia” with “a restful night sleep”
  • Replace “cures my anxiety” with “I feel more calm and centered”
  • Get more details and examples here.


Feel free to use and/or modify the images below. Banners are also available on Impact Radius with code included.