20 Ways to Make Money as a Joy Organics CBD Affiliate

Do you have a social media presence, an interest in working online, or a love for helping others live happier, healthier lives? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for in a Joy Organics affiliate.

Millions of people suffer from issues that CBD can help. It’s likely that some of them are already in your network. By joining the Joy Organics affiliate program, you’ll earn money by connecting these people with products that can change their lives.

As an affiliate with Joy Organics, you’ll use your online influence to bring customers to your personal Joy Organics website. When a potential customer clicks on your link, they will receive a cookie that lasts for 60 days. If they purchase anything during that period, you’ll be rewarded with a 25% commission.

After someone visits your Joy Organics site, we will purchase advertising for our products on websites they visit. You’ll also receive a commission on any purchases made after clicking on these ads. This method of earning is perfect for people who are comfortable with blogging and social media.

Does this sound like the opportunity for you? Then it’s time to get started. Here are a few money making ideas to get you going. But remember: the only limits are your creativity.

20 Creative Ways to Make Money as a Joy Organics Affiliate

  1. Maximize your existing popular pages. If you have an existing site, be sure to have the free Google Analytics installed. For WordPress, installing Google Analytics is as easy as downloading a widget. Once installed, learn your most popular pages and monetize with your Joy Organics affiliate links. Perhaps it is a recipe that could include CBD as an ingredient. Maybe it is a workout routine where you can recommend CBD products for a faster recovery. 
  2. Create a Website/Blog: A website is a great starting point for anyone interested in sharing affiliate links. Use it to host a blog, provide information about CBD, and to bring awareness to Joy’s products. Not an expert in web design? No problem! Research low cost hosting and design services and you’ll have your site up and running in no time. Personally, I like the Go Daddy WordPress package. Be sure to host your own site as many of the free hosting (wordpress.com versus wordpress.org) don’t allow CBD marketing. 
  3. Educate yourself on SEO. SEO provides organic and free traffic. As a content affiliate, you are primed to rank well with the search engines. Learn the basics of SEO to ensure your site is search engine friend. Great resources include Search Engine Land and Adam Riemer’s blog.
  4. Build an Email List: Build a list of people who are interested in CBD products. Use those email addresses to send newsletters, information, and special offers. The bigger your list, the more eyes you’ll have on your affiliate links, so don’t undervalue this vital strategy. A great way to build a list is to offer an educational PDF in exchange for a PDF. Examples could be “Top 5 Ways CBD Helps Your Overall Wellness.” or “How to select a reputable CBD company” 
  5. Write Guest Blog Posts: Get Joy’s and your name out there by writing guest blog posts for other blogs. Reach out to the owners of blogs about CBD and similar topics. Ask them if they are looking for guest posts in exchange for a link back to your site or blog.
  6. Comment on Other Blog Posts: Spend a few minutes a day researching CBD blogs and commenting on blog posts. Include your site link at the end of each comment. This will put your link in front of new eyes as well as help you connect to more people interested in the benefits of Joy’s products.
  7. Put a Banner on Your Website: It’s simple, but effective. Put a banner advertising Joy Organics at the top or right hand side of your website. When people click on it, make sure it takes them to your affiliate link. Because we use 60 day cookies, even if the person doesn’t make a purchase that day, if they buy any time in the next two months you’ll get the commission.
  8. Post Links and/or Your Coupon Code  on Instagram: Instagram is a great way to connect with people who may need Joy’s products. Take a great picture of something relevant, create a compelling description (including hash tags), and add your link at the end. Do this often and well enough and you’ll create a devoted Instagram following. You can use tools such as Link.tree to include your affiliate link as well as your unique coupon code which tracks with or without an affiliate link. Always include your coupon code on your posts. Don’t have a code? Click here to learn how to get one.
  9. Share Research on Your Facebook Page: Your personal Facebook page can be a great way to reach people who may not be aware of the benefits of CBD. Share research and information about what Joy Organics does on your Facebook page. You can create an affiliate to the Joy Organics blog to set your cookie. Learn how to create custom links here.  Make sure you’re available to answer any questions that come up in the comments: the more you engage, the more people will remember you.
  10. Create a YouTube Channel: Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google? Take advantage of all those eyes by creating a YouTube channel. Create simple videos that inform and entertain about CBD topics, and add your affiliate link in the description. This is a great way to let your creativity flow!
  11. Create a Pinterest Board: People come to Pinterest looking to be inspired. Inspire them to find natural solutions to their health issues with CBD related boards. Pin relevant images and links, including your Joy Organics affiliate link. Remember: if you post affiliate links on Pinterest you have to disclose what they are. Be sure to read through the rules before trying this idea.
  12. Start a Facebook Group. The Facebook algorithm can be a challenge to get your posts in front of your followers. A Facebook Group is more engaged and algorithm friendly. You can start a CBD specific Facebook or a general Wellness Facebook Group. Pick a topic you are passionate about so it will be easy to post regularly
  13. Paid Advertising. At this time, you can do paid advertising for topical (think salve and CBD cream) products only on Facebook. 
  14. Have a Product Giveaway: Giving out free products is a surefire way to get more eyes on your link. Tell your followers that by sharing your link, they’ll get an entry into a drawing for a free item. Also, require an email address to enter your giveaway so you can build your list. Keep hosting giveaways periodically to keep finding fresh eyes.
  15. Host a Webinar: Hosting a webinar is a great way to inform potential customers about the benefits of CBD. Consider giving access to your webinar in exchange for email addresses: this can be a very effective way to grow your list. Your webinar doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it is accurate and informative. You can also do a Facebook Live if you aren’t comfortable with the webinar software.
  16. Start a Podcast: If you like to talk, a podcast can be an extremely rewarding way to reach new customers. Create a podcast around CBD related topics. Use it as a chance to educate listeners, as well as to inform on the benefits of CBD and Joy Organics.
  17. Stay Current on CBD Research: Staying current on CBD research is a great way to drum up interest in Joy’s products. Share your findings on your social media pages and use them to start discussions in the comments. The more people educated on CBD benefits there are, the more people there will be who want to try Joy Organics. In addition to the Joy Organics blog, I recommend ProjectCBD.org. Be careful not to post a site that has their own affiliate links. 
  18. Use the Buddy System: Get motivated by challenging other affiliates to a bit of friendly competition. Pair up with another affiliate and compete to see who can make the most sales. Support each other along the way to keep things fun and profitable.
  19. Share Your Story: How has Joy and her products influenced your life? Share your story with the people around you. Talk about Joy Organics in person and online to generate interest, build rapport, and strengthen the integrity of Joy’s brand.
  20. Have a CBD Education Party. Have an offline CBD party is a great way to educate and introduce your friends and family to CBD. Serve up some yummy CBD drinks and have a brief presentation on the endocannabinoid system and how CBD impacts your overall health. Make sure to allow for some one one one time as well as group questions. Have your coupon code on a business card with the website address to hand out. Also have your computer ready to help place orders for your excited guests. 

Am I missing one of your tried and tested marketing methods?  Please share in the comments below.

New Year’s Campaign Asset Page

Ah the start of new year is upon us. New Year’s Resolutions come quickly to the forefront with new diets and packed gyms! Joy Organics is kicking off the New Year with a free 1000mg Mint Tincture with every order over $100. Grab the details, topic ideas and images below.

Free 1000mg Mint Tincture

  • Starts January 9, 2020
  • Ends January 12, 2020
  • Spend $100 or more on JoyOrganics.com and receive a FREE 1000mg Mint Tincture
  • Code = newyear
  • Cannot be combined with other offers, such as your personal code
  • Use affiliate link as this is a public code. You can grab your link on your Impact Portal

Topic Ideas

As an affiliate, your post does not need to be exclusive to Joy Organics. For instance, Joy Organics can be one of multiple health/wellness tips you provide. You could include an affiliate link to Grokker for workouts and mediation as well. Or another link to a meal plan.

4 easy ways to incorporate CBD into your New Year’s Wellness Resolution – Refer to recipes on Joy Organics, soft gels with melatonin for a restful night sleep, CBD Bullet Proof coffee and a nice soak with our bath bombs

Why CBD should be part of your New Year Wellness Routine – Modify or refer to this Joy Organics post. If you want to get more in depth, I recommend talking about the Endocannabinoid System.

New Year’s Wellness Resolutions You Can Keep – examples could be adding CBD to your morning coffee, a 5 minute meditation using the Insight App, Gratitude Journal, one random act of kindness a month and reaching your 10,000 steps using FitBit or an Apple Watch.

5 Resolutions For A Happier 2020. discuss how CBD can help with overall mood and well being. Please do not use medical words such as anxiety or depression. Include other happiness tips such as a gratitude practice, meditation, mood boosting foods such as dark chocolate or berries and good sleep hygiene.

Why Joy Organics?

THC-free/broad spectrum. Our THC free products are legal in all 50 states.

High quality ingredients. Certified organic when possible.

Transparency. Our lab reports are updated with each batch and available through our QR codes or online.

Consistency. All our products use the same extraction process and hemp strain to deliver consistent results.

Money Back Guarantee. 30 day money back guarantee makes Joy Organics an easy first choice for CBD products.

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