5 reasons you aren't making money as a CBD affiliate

5 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money As A CBD Affiliate

In the Joy Organics Affiliate Facebook Group, I occasionally see complaints about not making money as an affiliate while it seems everyone else is making thousands off of their CBD initiatives. I want nothing more than for my affiliates to be successful. Quite literally, your success and my success are intertwined. I do my best to provide the resources you need to generate income. However, there are cases when it simply doesn’t happen.  Below are the top reasons you may not be making money as a Joy Organics CBD affiliate. I also included tips on how to change that trajectory.

  1. Not enough traffic. There is a rumor that CBD is so hot right now that anyone can make money. This is true to a point. Yes, you can sell to your friends and family. However, if you want to be successful as a Joy Organics affiliate, you need traffic. In fact, we changed our minimum requirements to at least 5,000 site visitors or 1,000 followers on social media to ensure our new affiliates don’t end in frustration. Looking to increase traffic to your site and social media? I recommend the following
    1. Create a site if you do not already have one. Focus on creating consistent and quality content with your eye on SEO. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, I recommend checking out Search Engine Land to get educated. 
    2. Engage on social media by following popular CBD hashtags (such as the #cbdmovement) and engaging with accounts that use those hashtags. Also be sure to use the hashtags in your own post so people who are interested in CBD can find you.
    3. Write guest blog posts with similar sites and influencers.
    4. Host a giveaway to introduce people to CBD
    5. Looking for more tips on increasing traffic? Read this post by ThriveHive or my recent posts on 20 Ways To Make Money As A CBD Affiliate
  2. Your audience isn’t receptive. One of our minimum requirements to be an affiliate is that your site and social media presence is within the health and wellness niche. If you have not positioned yourself as an expert in health and wellness or CBD, earning commissions will be challenging. Be sure to discuss and share wellness tips beyond CBD and Joy Organics promotions to leverage yourself as a wellness expert.
  3. Being shy about promotions. Don’t be vague when you are promoting Joy Organics. State clearly that your followers need to click on your link. Be sure to disclose that you will receive a commission from the click as well.  People want to support you. Tell them how to do so. In addition, disclosure of affiliate is required by law. To learn more about compliance and disclosures, please click here
  4. Over promotion. Yes, I realize #3 and #4 can contradict each other. In addition to being clear about your promotion,  you need to consistently provide value to your followers as well. Share relevant links in health and wellness as well as CBD. Remember, you can turn Joy Organics blog posts into affiliate links. A click to our blog sets your 60 day cookie so you receive commissions on any sales made from the original click’s device. 
  5. You need more technical expertise. If you are struggling creating links and/or adding banners, it is going to be challenging to be a successful affiliate. Affiliate marketing is designed for online entrepreneurs. If you don’t have the technical expertise to use the affiliate tools and generate traffic, the road to your monetary goals will be uphill.

The intent of this post is to highlight ways to make positive changes that results in a higher commission check. Each reason can be rectified with free, online education. Be sure to take full advantage of the Joy Organics Resource Center to learn more and take advantage of the assets provided.

Are there any other tips you would like to provide?  Please use the Comment section below.