Try Joy Organics For $5 Campaign Asset Page

Do you have followers who are curious about CBD but just can’t seem to commit to a purchase? If yes, Joy Organics is offering an amazing promotion for both you and your follower. We are giving away a full bottle of 225MG Mint Tincture for only $5. No sneaky fees. Just plain and simple, we want people to experience the power of CBD. Grab the details below as well as images and topic ideas.

Try Joy for $5

  • Starts NOW
  • Ends once supplies run out. We are discontinuing this product. Once they are gone they are gone We are estimating inventory will be gone before mid-October
  • Customer receives a bottle of the 225mg mint tincture for only $5, including shipping and handling
  • You, the affiliate, receives a $5 commission…so 100% commission
  • Unique landing page to assist with conversions. The landing page automatically inserts the product into the Cart so there is no confusion. In addition the discount code is already applied
  • Cannot be used with other coupon codes
  • Only works with the 225MG Mint Tincture. Does not work with other strengths and/or flavors
  • This is a public offer so you must use your affiliate link. Banners and text links are available on your affiliate network (Shareasale, Impact, or Revoffers)
  • We recommend using double the dosage on this product due to the lower CBD
  • As always, you need to disclose that you are using affiliate links

Topic Ideas

  • Curious about CBD? Try high quality CBD for only $5
  • Write a post about how CBD has helped your overall wellness
  • Write a recipe that uses the mint tincture and include a link
  • How can CBD help with sleep
  • How can CBD help with these stressful times/for peace of mind
  • The 225mg tincture is a great option for pets


  • As always, you need to disclose that you are using affiliate links
  • Never reference a medical condition and represent CBD as a “cure”


Below are social media sized images as well as banners for your campaign. Banners are also available on your affiliate network.