The following article and video will outline the differences between Joy Organics’ partner programs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing focuses on online selling. Affiliate marketing provides technology through our network partner, Impact Radius. Impact Radius creates unique links for your followers. When your follower (friend, family or someone that found you online) clicks on a link and makes a purchase on, you receive a commission for that order. This is a one time commission. Below is a quick list of pros and cons of this partnership


  • Aggressive 25% commission plus regular bonus structures
  • Easy to get started with no set up fees or store management
  • Access to affiliate support such as this resource center, our Facebook group, promotions and campaign asset pages.
  • No need to purchase inventory
  • Ability to provide a unique coupon code for your followers that tracks in addition to your affiliate link
  • Joy Organics handles the customer service (including returns), fulfillment and order processing
  • Passive income stream for affiliates who have websites or blogs. As their CBD posts optimize, new customers provide commissions without a direct outreach. Essentially, your post does the selling for you.


  • Samples and brochures are not provided. The affiliate program is designed for online marketing. Images and online assets are provided.
  • You do not own the customer. You only receive the revenue, product and commission stats for each sale


As a wholesale partner, you purchase product directly from Joy Organics. You can then sell the product online or offline.


  • Wholesale CBD oil pricing of 50% – 60% off retail prices
  • Higher earning potential
  • Receive brochures and point of sale displays with each product
  • Samples available for sale
  • Amazing support from the wholesale department
  • You own the customer relationship
  • Perfect if you already have a storefront on or offline


  • Upfront cost with a minimum purchase of $250+
  • Need to establish your own fulfillment, customer service and order processing
  • Merchant processing for CBD can be challenging

Direct Selling and MLM

At this time. Joy Organics does not offer direct selling opportunities. The focus on direct selling/MLM is on building a team under you with multi levels of commission.