Upcoming July Promotions

The following are Joy Organics upcoming promotions that are available to all affiliates. All the promotions will be public on the site. Be sure to use your affiliate link to ensure you receive a commission. Please note, promotions are subject to change. You will be notified via email as well as on the Joy Organics Affiliate Facebook Group.

Fourth Of July Sale

  • One day only – July 4, 2020; midnight to midnight MT
  • Save 20% of AND get free box of CBD Energy Drinks
  • Code is FINDJOY20 OR SUMMER20
  • The CBD Energy Drinks are automatically added to the cart and can be used with other discount codes
  • The SUMMER20 discount code for 20% off is valid through the end of July.  However, the free energy drink box is only available on the 4th
  • Grab images and product details on the CBD Energy Drinks Campaign Asset Page
  • There are no banners for this promotion. However, you can grab the text link below with your unique code already included

$10 Off Promotion

  • Starts – July 6, 2020; midnight to midnight MT
  • Ends – July 7th at midnight for CBD Cream Promotion below.
  • Returns July 10th at midnight
  • Ends July 11th at midnight
  • $10 off orders $50+
  • Code – FindJoy

CBD Cream Promotion

  • Starts July 9, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends July 10, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Buy 1 CBD Cream and get 25% off with the code CBDCREAM25
  • Buy 2 CBD Creams and get 25% off with the code CBDCREAM35
  • DOES NOT include the Sports Cream
  • Grab product details, topic ideas and images on the CBD Cream Campaign Asset Page
  • There will not be any banners for this promotion

Joy Organics Anniversary Sale

  • Starts July 21, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends July 26, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Buy one Joy Organics product and get 25% off
  • Buy two Joy Organics products and get 35% off
  • Banners and coupon code will be provided closer to the promotion
  • Grab images and topic ideas on the Joy Organics General Campaign Asset Page

World Oceans’ Day – June 9, 2020

There is no better time to celebrate the wonders and power of the ocean than the start of summer. On World Ocean Day, we come together across the global to celebrate the amazing ocean that connects us all. Grab the details and images below to help spread the world on this conservation effort.

World Oceans Day History

  • June 8, 2020
  • World Oceans Month is all of June
  • World Oceans Day was proposed in 1992 by Canada at the Earth Summit
  • In 2019, 2,000 events in 140+ countries celebrated World Oceans Day
  • Learn more on their site here

Joy Organics Promotion

  • Save 15% off your order AND get a FREE reusable straw
  • One day only – June 8, 2020
  • Midnight to midnight – Mountain Time
  • No code needed. Discount and gift will automatically be added to the order
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Public offer that will be advertised on JoyOrganics.com
  • Please use your affiliate to ensure you receive commissions

Activities for Your Followers

  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Skip the seafood (and meat)
  • If you are fortunate enough to live close to the ocean, visit and breathe in the goodness
  • Organize a beach clean up
  • Educate on the importance of reducing plastics and how it impacts the ocean and our world
  • Check to see if your local zoo or aquarium is having a celebration/event
  • Share the power of music and films with this resource that includes Ted Talks and more
  • Download more resources here


Below are the social media sized images, banners and World Ocean Day official logos. Click here for the World Oceans Day Brand Guide.

White World Oceans Day logo

June Affiliate Exclusive – 30% off All Tinctures

The temperatures are rising and so are Joy Organics commissions! For the month of June, affiliates have an exclusive offer for our best selling product…tinctures. Grab the details below.

June Affiliate Exclusive

  • 30% off ALL tinctures
  • Starts June 18, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends June 25, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Code is TINCTURES (TINCTURE…without the s…is also live
  • This is an exclusive offer which means it will not be on the joyorganics.com. You will need to tell your followers the coupon code and have them click on your link.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

Topic Ideas

  • Promote some of these delicious summer drinks that can also be modified as a “mock-tail”
  • Coffee and CBD is a popular combination. Some report the CBD eliminates the coffee jitters. Check out this post for inspiration or create a yummy ice coffee recipe of your own
  • Write a product review. Here is the Tincture Campaign Asset Page which also contains lifestyle and product images.
  • Share why and how you use your Joy Organics tinctures


When sharing on social media or your blog, always follow FTC disclosure rules and be sure not to make any medical claims.


Memorial Day Campaign Asset

While Memorial Day is a solemn day to pay our respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, it is also a weekend that for many represents the beginning of summer. Since this weekend is a popular sale weekend, Joy Organics is offer your followers 25% off site wide. Grab the details and images below.

Memorial Day Sale

  • 25% off site wide
  • Code sunshine
  • Starts Thursday, May 21, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends Monday, May 25, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • This is a public offer. You must use an affiliate link or banner to receive commission. It does not need to be a sale specific banner or link.
  • Banners are available on your affiliate portal
  • Remember to always disclose when you use affiliate links whether on social media or a blog post.

Topic Ideas

  • Stock up for summer
  • Memorial Day Sale Roundup/Best sales for Memorial Day
  • Get ready for summer sports with CBD cream or salve (hiking, waking boarding, paddleboarding, biking, etc)
  • Venturing out this summer? Reach optimal wellness with CBD


Energy Drink BOGO Sale

The days are getting longer and many of us are venturing outdoors to wide open spaces. The Joy Organics BOGO sale is a great boost of energy with this caffeinated drink. However, you can skip the caffeine jitters with the addition of CBD to the drink. Grab details below.

BOGO Energy Drink Sale – One Day Only

  • Midnight to midnight (mountain time) on Thursday, May 14, 2020
  • Buy one energy drink and get the second free
  • Coupon code – berrygood
  • Must add both boxes to receive the free box.
  • No buying maximums so feel free to stock up
  • This is a public offer. Please use your link
  • Cannot be combined with other offers including your personal code
  • Grab product details and lifestyle images on the Energy Drink Campaign Asset Page
  • Get social media sized images below
  • Banners can be found on your affiliate network as well as below

Topic Ideas

  • Post Workout Tips
  • Benefits of CBD and Caffeine Combined
  • Get focused with Joy Organics Energy Drinks
  • Stock up on energy drinks and get ready for longer days


Free Bath Bombs May 1st and 2nd

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Joy Organics is offering FREE bath bombs on all orders over $50. No coupon code is needed. The bath bombs will automatically be added to the cart once the threshold is met. Grab the details below.

Free Bath Bombs

  • Starts at midnight (mountain time) on Friday May 2, 2020
  • Ends at midnight (mountain time) on Saturday, May 2, 2020
  • Free box of bath bombs for every order over $50
  • 4 bath bombs per box
  • Retail value = $19.95
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or coupon codes
  • You must use an affiliate link to receive commission
  • Be sure to include an FTC disclosure
  • To learn more about bath bombs or get images, please click here.

Topic Ideas

  • Give mom the gift of self care this Mother’s Day
  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Covid
  • Mother’s Day Pampering Gift Ideas
  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For <enter in a adjective or type of person such a “hard to buy for” “from daughter> or “for your fit mom”
  • Mother’s Day Gift and Celebration Ideas for Social Distancing


Earth Day Sale – Campaign Asset Page

At Joy Organics, we are passionate about preserving this amazing planet of ours. We want to do everything we can to improve the world around whether it is helping humans, animals or the Earth. Which is we are celebrating Earth Day with a 25% off sale. Grab the details below as well as our conservation and humanitarian initiatives.

Earth Day Sale – One Day Only

  • 25% off site wide
  • Starts midnight on April 22, 2020
  • Ends midnight on April 22, 2020
  • Code earth25
  • This is a public offer which means you need to use your affiliate link to receive credit.
  • As always, be sure to disclose you are using affiliate links whenever promoting..whether on a blog post or social media or email.

Environmental Initiatives

We’ve worked hard this year to implement sustainable initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Below are initiatives from last year. We continue to move in this direction for higher sustainability.

  • Most of our products are now vegan!
  • Many of our formulas now contain certified organic ingredients.
  • All of our bottles and cartons are now made with recyclable materials.

Donations To USA Food Rescues

In addition to offering a 25% off discount to your followers, Joy Organics will be donating a portion of the day’s sale to food rescue organizations throughout the United States.

Topic Ideas

  • Celebrate Earth Day with 25% Off
  • Be Your Best Self On Earth Day with Premium CBD
  • Support food banks across the USA and save on Joy Organics CBD products
  • Create a list of all ecommerce stores offering Earth Day specials


Below are social media sized. Feel free to use and/or modify for your campaign.

Affiliate Exclusive – 30% Off Site Wide

To support our affiliates and customers, we are offering an affiliate exclusive for 30% off the first week of April. Please see the details below.

30% Off – Affiliate Exclusive

  • Starts Thursday , April 2, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at midnight MT
  • code – STAYWELL
  • This is an affiliate exclusive which means the code will not be public on the site.
  • You MUST use your affiliate link. Your code will not track
  • Always disclose that you are using an affiliate link Click here to see examples

Topic Ideas

  • Recommit to your health
  • Talk about how to endocannaboid system helps to support a healthy immune system
  • Share your personal reasons for taking CBD especially during this time


As always, disclose that you are using affiliates to remain compliant with FTC. Learn more here.


St Patrick’s Day – One Day Sale

Times are tense right now so Joy Organics is making adjustments. This one day sale is now Buy One, Get One Free For the ENTIRE site. In addition, we are back to free shipping on ALL orders until further notice. Grab details and images below

St Patrick’s Day Sale

  • BOGO SITE WIDE – Buy any Joy Organics products and get the second free.
  • MUST BE THE SAME Product. Meaning if you buy two strawberry lemonade gummies, your second strawberry lemonade gummy will be free. However, if you try to buy one strawberry lemonade and one apple orchard, the code will not work
  • One Day Only – March 17, 2020, midnight to midnight – Mountain Time
  • Code is luckyforyou. Not case sensitive
  • This is a public sale that will be advertised on the site
  • Please use your affiliate link to receive credit.
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or codes
  • Banners available below to use with your affiliate link or grab full code on Impact Radius

Topic Ideas

  • Stock up on CBD. Supply chains will be impacted by the Coronavirus
  • Curious to try CBD? Lucky for you, Joy Organics is having a sale
  • CBD for overall wellness
  • CBD for overall sense of peace


Please make sure you are FTC compliant. Click here for tips and examples. Non-compliance can result in you being removed from the program.


Mama Bundle Campaign Asset Page

“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale

Who doesn’t know a mom that couldn’t use a little stress relief in her day. Enter the Joy Organics Mama Bundle. This discounted bundle provides a trifecta of self-care. Grab the details below including social media sized images and banners

What Does The Mama Bundle Include?

  • CBD Bath Bombs infused with high quality lavender essential oils
  • CBD Gummies in the popular Strawberry Lemonade flavor
  • CBD Cream to nourish the skin and body
  • If bought seperately, this bundle would cost $90
  • On sale for $65 and free shipping
  • Cannot be combined with other offers or coupon codes

What Do Mom’s Love About Joy Organics?

  • CEO is a woman and mother
  • Clean ingredients with no toxins, high corn syrup fructose or preservatives
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • THC free so need to lock up or hide from the kids
  • Transparency with detailed lab reports
  • Natural way to be more present and relax throughout the day

Topic Ideas

  • Gift Ideas for mom
  • Self care for moms
  • Mom self care gifts
  • Easter basket for mom
  • Fast ways to relax and have a great day


Be sure to add an FTC disclosure and remain compliant. Failure to disclose and avoid medical claims will result in you being removed from the program. Click here for Compliance examples and tips.


Below are copyright free images for you to use and/or modify