January Joy Organics Promotions

Happy New Year! New year represents a fresh start to many but 2021 feels like a restart is essential. People are focusing on their health more than ever as we round into the new year . Thank you for joining the Joy Organics’ mission to share the power of CBD for mental and physical wellness. Below you will find a month long promotion as well as topic ideas!

Kick Off The New Year With 25% Off

  • Happening NOW
  • Ends on January 31, 2020 at midnight MT
  • 25% off sitewide
  • Code = newyear
  • Excludes already discounted bundles
  • Cannot be combined with other offers

Topic Ideas

  • Ditch the drugstore with alternative supplements
  • New year, new you! Find a greater sense of calm with Joy Organics
  • 5 New Year Resolutions you can start today
  • 10 New Year Resolutions for better sleep


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December Promotions

‘Tis the season, for high commissions and holiday fun! Check out the December promotions below.

EVERY Order Receives a CBD Bath Bomb Box for perfect holiday stress release

  • Starts December 1, 2020 midnight MT
  • Starts December 31, 2020 midnight MT or until supplies run out
  • Includes 4 bath bombs
  • Get assets below or on the Bath Bomb Campaign Asset Page
  • Great promotion for your Holiday Self Care Campaign
  • No code required
  • CAN be combined with your personal code or the monthly affiliate code below

20% off Site Wide

  • Starts December 1, 2020 midnight MT
  • Starts December 31, 2020 midnight MT
  • Code = LetItSnow
  • Cannot be combined with other codes BUT does receive the free bath bombs
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November Promotions

Well hello Fourth Quarter, we have been waiting for you! The fourth quarter of the year, affectionately known as Q4, is known as the most profitable time of year for affiliates. Joy Organics wants to make sure you kick off the holidays with strong commission checks in both December and January. Grab the details below on our upcoming sales including a Black Friday Sneak Peak

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October Promotions

Thank you for being a Joy Organics partner! It’s getting spookily delicious over at Joy Organics with amazing affiliate promotions this month. Grab all the details below! As always, be sure to disclose you are using affiliate links and following FTC guidelines.

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Try Joy Organics For $5 Campaign Asset Page

Do you have followers who are curious about CBD but just can’t seem to commit to a purchase? If yes, Joy Organics is offering an amazing promotion for both you and your follower. We are giving away a full bottle of 225MG Mint Tincture for only $5. No sneaky fees. Just plain and simple, we want people to experience the power of CBD. Grab the details below as well as images and topic ideas.

Try Joy for $5

  • Starts NOW
  • Ends once supplies run out. We are discontinuing this product. Once they are gone they are gone We are estimating inventory will be gone before mid-October
  • Customer receives a bottle of the 225mg mint tincture for only $5, including shipping and handling
  • You, the affiliate, receives a $5 commission…so 100% commission
  • Unique landing page to assist with conversions. The landing page automatically inserts the product into the Cart so there is no confusion. In addition the discount code is already applied
  • Cannot be used with other coupon codes
  • Only works with the 225MG Mint Tincture. Does not work with other strengths and/or flavors
  • This is a public offer so you must use your affiliate link. Banners and text links are available on your affiliate network (Shareasale, Impact, or Revoffers)
  • We recommend using double the dosage on this product due to the lower CBD
  • As always, you need to disclose that you are using affiliate links

Topic Ideas

  • Curious about CBD? Try high quality CBD for only $5
  • Write a post about how CBD has helped your overall wellness
  • Write a recipe that uses the mint tincture and include a link
  • How can CBD help with sleep
  • How can CBD help with these stressful times/for peace of mind
  • The 225mg tincture is a great option for pets


  • As always, you need to disclose that you are using affiliate links
  • Never reference a medical condition and represent CBD as a “cure”


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September Promotions And Assets

Welcome to September! As we return to learning and “school,” it is also a return to routine. Below are affiliate promotions for September including a kick off weekend sale for Labor Day.

Another important fact about September is that we are officially in the 4th quarter. Now is a great time to start prepping gift guides and holiday campaigns.

September Month Long Offer

  • Starts September 1, 2002
  • Ends September 30, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Your followers will save 20% off site wide
  • Code = fall20
  • This code is for affiliates and will not be live on the site.
  • You must use your affiliate link to receive credit

$15 off orders

  • Starts September 17, 2002
  • Ends September 21, 2020 at midnight MT
  • $15 off all orders $60+
  • Code = SEPTEMBER
  • This code is for affiliates and will not be live on the site.
  • You must use your affiliate link to receive credit

40% off 450mg Lemon Tincture

  • One Day Only – September 24, 2020
  • Midnight to midnight MT
  • Public offer on JoyOrganics.com
  • No banners will be available for this promotion

Topic Ideas

  • September 9th is National Grandparents Day. CBD can help seniors with aches and pains so they play more with their grandkids
  • September is the AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month
  • Transition to a new routine can be tough on sleep but Joy Organics’ Soft Gels with Melatonin can help
  • CBD Gummies help with the stress and uncertainty to find peace
  • The Autumn Equinox on September 22nd which makes the first official day of autumn
  • A return to routine equals a return to self care
  • If you are new to the Joy Organics program, I recommend checking out the campaign asset pages for product specific topic ideas, images and details


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August Promotions

The last month of summer is here! Joy Organics is closing out the hot days with a month long promotion along with some great Flash Sales. Get your promotional content ready to ramp up your commissions.

25% off ALL of August

  • Your followers can save 25% off their order for the entire month of August
  • Code = August
  • Minimum order is $50
  • This is an affiliate only offer. It will not be on the site. Please provide your followers with the code
  • You must use your affiliate link to receive credit.

Labor Day Sale

  • Starts September 4, 2002
  • Ends September 7, 2020 at midnight MT
  • All orders receive a free Joy Organics Tote
  • Offical/Public Code = Labor Day for 15% off
  • You can use any code including your custom code for your discount
  • Images are located below
  • Banners are available but you would need to update with your custom code if that is your preference

August Topic Ideas

  • August 21, 2020 is National Senior Citizen Day. CBD is a great tool for our elderly to help mobility and peace of mind
  • Benefits of CBD for pets
  • Technically, August is Back to School month. While not everyone will be going back to school in person, school will begin. CBD can help with focus and relaxation.

Images and Assets

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Joy Organics Anniversary Sale

Joy Organics is two years old! We are celebrating with a sale. Grab the details below.

Joy Organics Anniversary Sale

  • Starts July 21, 2020 at midnight (MT)
  • Ends July 26, 2020 at midnight (MT)
  • Save 25% off any one product
  • Save 35% off on 2 or more products
  • No code required Discount will automatically be applied
  • Every order enters the customer in a contest to win a $50 Joy Organics gift certificate for an entire year.
  • You must use your affiliate link to receive a commission
  • Always disclose your affiliate links. If you are unsure how to write a disclosure, please click here.
  • Banners are located on your affiliate network or below.
  • Social media sized images below

Topic Ideas

  • Share how long you have been with Joy Organics and why you chose Joy
  • Encourage people to stock up
  • Talk about Joy’s mission to help as many people as possible with CBD
  • Write a review. A great place to start is the campaign asset pages
  • Share why you use CBD and how impacts your life

Top Promotional Methods

  • Email blasts are consistently the top converting marketing method for Joy Organics affiliate
  • Instagram Live directing your followers to a blog post
  • Detailed blog post based on a personal experience
  • Share link in your Facebook Group

Images and Banners

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Upcoming July Promotions

The following are Joy Organics upcoming promotions that are available to all affiliates. All the promotions will be public on the site. Be sure to use your affiliate link to ensure you receive a commission. Please note, promotions are subject to change. You will be notified via email as well as on the Joy Organics Affiliate Facebook Group.

Fourth Of July Sale

  • One day only – July 4, 2020; midnight to midnight MT
  • Save 20% of AND get free box of CBD Energy Drinks
  • Code is FINDJOY20 OR SUMMER20
  • The CBD Energy Drinks are automatically added to the cart and can be used with other discount codes
  • The SUMMER20 discount code for 20% off is valid through the end of July.  However, the free energy drink box is only available on the 4th
  • Grab images and product details on the CBD Energy Drinks Campaign Asset Page
  • There are no banners for this promotion. However, you can grab the text link below with your unique code already included

$10 Off Promotion

  • Starts – July 6, 2020; midnight to midnight MT
  • Ends – July 7th at midnight for CBD Cream Promotion below.
  • Returns July 10th at midnight
  • Ends July 11th at midnight
  • $10 off orders $50+
  • Code – FindJoy

CBD Cream Promotion

  • Starts July 9, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends July 10, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Buy 1 CBD Cream and get 25% off with the code CBDCREAM25
  • Buy 2 CBD Creams and get 25% off with the code CBDCREAM35
  • DOES NOT include the Sports Cream
  • Grab product details, topic ideas and images on the CBD Cream Campaign Asset Page
  • There will not be any banners for this promotion

Joy Organics Anniversary Sale

  • Starts July 21, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Ends July 26, 2020 at midnight MT
  • Buy one Joy Organics product and get 25% off
  • Buy two Joy Organics products and get 35% off
  • Banners and coupon code will be provided closer to the promotion
  • Grab images and topic ideas on the Joy Organics General Campaign Asset Page

World Oceans’ Day – June 9, 2020

There is no better time to celebrate the wonders and power of the ocean than the start of summer. On World Ocean Day, we come together across the global to celebrate the amazing ocean that connects us all. Grab the details and images below to help spread the world on this conservation effort.

World Oceans Day History

  • June 8, 2020
  • World Oceans Month is all of June
  • World Oceans Day was proposed in 1992 by Canada at the Earth Summit
  • In 2019, 2,000 events in 140+ countries celebrated World Oceans Day
  • Learn more on their site here

Joy Organics Promotion

  • Save 15% off your order AND get a FREE reusable straw
  • One day only – June 8, 2020
  • Midnight to midnight – Mountain Time
  • No code needed. Discount and gift will automatically be added to the order
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Public offer that will be advertised on JoyOrganics.com
  • Please use your affiliate to ensure you receive commissions

Activities for Your Followers

  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Skip the seafood (and meat)
  • If you are fortunate enough to live close to the ocean, visit and breathe in the goodness
  • Organize a beach clean up
  • Educate on the importance of reducing plastics and how it impacts the ocean and our world
  • Check to see if your local zoo or aquarium is having a celebration/event
  • Share the power of music and films with this resource that includes Ted Talks and more
  • Download more resources here


Below are the social media sized images, banners and World Ocean Day official logos. Click here for the World Oceans Day Brand Guide.

White World Oceans Day logo