Do you have a successful podcast? If yes, you already know it is a great way to connect with your followers. Did you know your podcast is also a great tool for affiliate marketing? Below are tips to optimize your podcast for your Joy Organics affiliate links.

Integrate into the show

You can certainly use Joy Organics as a sponsor of your episode. This is an easy way to promote your affiliate links. However, top converting podcasts integrate the product and brand into the show’s content. Explain why you are promoting Joy Organics or have an episode about CBD Oil in general. CBD Oil is an on trend topic as is holistic healing as a way to wean of pharmaceuticals. Not only will you  see increased commissions, you may get some new followers as a result of this topic.

Shout Outs with Specific Call to Actions

Whether you decide on the traditional sponsored ad or full integration, be sure to describe your personal experience and why you are promoting Joy Organics. It could something as simple as “Support this podcast  and future episodes by purchasing Joy Organics products through our affiliate link. Visit “your” for details. It is important you give your listeners an easy to remember url to see your promotions.

Create a Landing Page

Did you notice I mentioned a unique url for your shout out? It is important you refer your followers to your page so they can click on your affiliate link. Looking for an example of an effective sponsored landing page? Check out The Ultimate Health Podcast.

Add Links In Your Show Notes

You should already be including your podcast show notes on your website. Your show notes include your episode summary as well as an reference links noted in the podcast. These notes are also a great place to include your affiliate links.

Don’t have show notes? Here is a great post on the topic with easy steps to get started.