There are two components to a successful affiliate campaign. The first piece of a campaign includes outreach to your existing followers. Outreach can include email blasts, podcasts, webinars and social. This first piece generates your highest commissions in a short amount of time. The second piece involves organic traffic and passive sales from your search engine rankings. With a properly optimized post, you can enjoy passive income for months and even years after your first campaign. Those numbers can really add up and with multiple optimized posts, you end up with a great baseline of traffic. Below are some tips for optimizing post that generate passive affiliate income. Please note, these tips are beginner and high level tips. To learn more about SEO, check out the professional resources at the bottom of this post.

Solve a Problem

CBD oil naturally lends itself to problem solving so this is a great fit. Below are some tips

Find keyword phrases that people search for to solve the problem. For example, the problem may be anxiety. The next question is what does someone search for when looking for remedies for anxiety. You want to find someone who is looking for a solution but research. As such, avoid general keywords like anxiety and instead optimize your post for ‘natural remedies for anxiety.’

The days of keyword stuffing are over. Instead, your copy should include multiple related keyword phrases naturally.

Get Detailed

Write a detailed post (ideally 1,000 words plus) to solve a problem someone is having. Use natural language in your post with useful facts and tips. In addition to the Joy Organics solution provide other tips. In the case of anxiety being the problem, you may want to include solutions such as meditation, tapping, exercise and aromatherapy.

Use Your Headers

Use the Heading 2 and Heading 3 in your blog post template. Using headers is crucial for SEO and readablity. In How To Create A Converting Affiliate Post, we discuss how most reader skims. Headers make it easier for your follower to find the content most relevant to him or her. And since search engines are technically ‘skimming’ your post for relvancy, headers play an important role in getting ranked.

Link Out

Increase your crediblity and SEO karma by linking out to credible sites that serve as a resource for your follower and post. Your Campaign Asset Pages include optional resources for the specific topic.

Tag It

Be sure to use your keywords in your Tags located on the right hand tool bar of your blog post. Tagging will make it easy for existing and new followers to find your post.

Promote It

Not only does your outreach generate your highest revenue, driving traffic to your post and site helps your search engine ranking as well.


Level Up

Want to take your affiliate search engine optimization to the next level? Check out the tops below

The Power of Backlinks

Quality backlinks help increase your visibility within the search engines. Once you create a detailed and sought after post, you can reach out to relevant articles who may benefit from your content. Your content will also naturally get picked up by other sites.


YouTube is part of Google and optimizes quickly. Create a support YouTube video for faster and better results. Be sure to link back to your post in your notes.

SEO Resources

Here are great sites to increase your knowledge on SEO.


Yoast – in addition to being a great app and tool on WordPress, their site is chock-full of information. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner.

Search Engine Watch – topics for beginners and experts

Search Engine Journal – topics for beginners and experts

Adam Riemer – Adam is both an affiliate manager and SEO expert. His post are relevant to the affiliate industry and incredibly useful