Joy Organics offers a powerful tool to increase your affiliate revenue…sub affiliates. Learn more about this program with the description and links below.

What is a Super Affiliate (also known as a sub affiliate or a Referred Partner within Impact Radius)?

A sub-affiliate is an individual who joins a multi-tier affiliate program and who is specifically referred for becoming an affiliate by an other affiliate called a parent affiliate. The parent affiliate will earn commissions on his/her own referring sales and also earn second-tier commissions on his sub-affiliate sales. In the case of Joy Organics, the second-tier commission is 5%. The parent affiliate’s commission does not impact the sub affiliate’s commission (set at 25% for Joy Organics). The parent affiliate receives the two tier commission as long as the sub affiliate is active within the Joy Organics Affiliate Program.

How do I assign affiliates to be under me?

For a sub affiliate to be assigned to you as a parent affiliate, the sub affiliate must sign up using your Sub Affiliate Sign Up Link. Not sure how to get the sub affiliate link? This page offers step-by-step instructions.

Will all my affiliates be approved?

No, sub affiliates will go through the same manual approval process that all affiliates must go through to gain access to the program. In order for an affiliate to be approved, the affiliate must have at least two of the following criteria. Note, Joy Organics reserves the right to decline an affiliate who we feel does not represent the brand and its values as well.

To speed up the approval process, we encourage your sub affiliates to complete the Tell Us About Your Strategy field on the Sign Up form in detail.

  1. A website and/or blog
  2. Social media presence on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook (groups, personal page or business page)
  3. Have a presence in a niche conducive to the CBD oils such as holistic healing, CBD industry, marijuana industry, pain management and other similar niches
  4. Have a creative way to move a large amount of product, i.e. a person speaking at a conference who will be promoting our products.

How do I know if a partner is sign up under me?

Unfortunately, Impact Radius does not have a report for showing referring partners in your account. You will see the referred sale show up in your Action Listing report when a sale is completed and has passed its locking period.

What is a locking period?

Joy Organics is currently set for a 30 day locking period, which is an industry standard.  Your sale is tracked and show up in your reporting. However, the funding isn’t released until 30 days post sale. This allows Joy Organics time to monitor any potential fraud. All Shareasale, CJ and Linkshare merchant programs share this same process.