Affiliates may receive a coupon code for their followers. Coupon codes are created for 20% off and are custom per your request. To request a coupon code, please email In your email, you must include the following to have your code created in a timely manner

  • Your affiliate ID or the name you created your affiliate account with
  • 2 or more options for codes. Some affiliates use their first name plus the discount. For example, steph20. Others use their website for their code such as cbdschool20.

Codes not available at this time include brand and cbd specific. Examples would be joyorganics20, joy20 or cbd20

Email to

What are the details for my coupon code?

All coupon codes are for 20% off with no expiration date

Your coupon code will track with or without your affiliate link so it is a great option for offline promotion and Instagram

PLEASE NOTE, if we are offering a pubic promotion greater than 20%, you will need to use your affiliate link. The consumer will always choose the higher discount.

Coupon Code FAQs

I see discount codes higher than 20%. How can I get one? Higher discounts are available for affiliates who generate 25+ sales a month for limited-time campaigns.

What if the offer on the site is greater than my coupon code? You will need to use your affiliate link only in these cases. You will be notified in advance for any public promotions

Can I get more than one coupon code? Yes, if you generate 25+ sales a month, you qualify for more than one code.