The following outlines d May promotional opportunities along with topic ideas, social media recommendations, and images. I also listed the upcoming product launches in May!

May Promotion – 20% Off

  • 20% off site-wide
  • Affiliate code = sprung
  • Happening NOW
  • Ends May 31, 2021, at midnight MT
  • This offer is available to all affiliates. Please use your affiliate link to receive credit. If you would like a custom code and generated 10 or more sales last month, please email affiliates [at] joyorganics [dot] com
  • Social media sized banners are below
  • Site banners can be found on Shareasale or Revoffers

May Product Launches

  • Delta 9 Gummies
  • CBG Tincture – USDA organic full spectrum 450mg of CBD and 450mg of CBG
  • 2.5 mg THC Gummies – non-organic 25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC
  • 5mg THC gummies – non-organic 25mg of THC and 5mg of THC
  • 10mg THCv gummies – (non-organic 10mg of THCv isolate)
  • CBD Energy drinks are back with 25mg in CBD
  • Broad-spectrum gummies will be USDA Certified Organic

June Product Launches

  • 25 mg Full-Spectrum Sleep gummies – non-organic 25mg of CBD, 1mg THC, 3mg CBN, 3mg melatonin

Topic Ideas

  • Promote for Mother’s Day with a target on the mom versus as a gift (social media sized image below)
  • Include in your “Beach Body Ready” fitness-focused posts
  • Prep and start promoting your Father’s Day post
  • Promote the energy drinks for consistent energy for longer days

CBG Tincture Annoucement Tips

  • You can share one of Joy Organics blog posts on CBG. Be sure to turn the blog post into an affiliate link. If you are unsure how to do so, you can watch this video.
  • Share the possible benefits of CBG. Here is a great article on benefits
  • Social Media Ideas
    • Have you tried CBG? CBG is an amazing cannabinoid that can be a vital part of your wellness routine supporting. Learn more here. #cbg
    • Curious about CBG? Similar to CBD, the CBG cannaboid may have a positive impact on your overall wellness. Learn more here. #cbg

Social Media Shout Outs Ideas

You can copy and paste directly to your social or use these hashtags and posts as inspiration. Grab the social media-sized images below to make your post stand out!

Twitter – Post on Wednesday to take advantage of the Wellness Wednesday hashtag

This Mother’s Day give yourself a sense of calm with @joyorganics USDA Certified Organic CBD #mothersday #wellnesswednesday

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest


Ready to feel your best this Spring and all the months to follow? Talk to me about @joyorganics and how it has impacted my wellness in my day to life. <insert your specific experience here> #cbdhealth #cbdlife #cbdwellness

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