The following outlines Summer promotional opportunities, topic ideas, and images.

Joy’s Anniversary Celebration

  • Early VIP Access July 6-9, 2023. Will not be live on site
  • Public promotion is July 10-14, 2023. Will be live on site
  • Your affiliate links below auto-populate the discount code. 
  • Code = 5YEARS
  • Excludes the We Made Too Much category
  • Cannot be combined with other discount codes
  • Custom codes and banners available on request
  • You can grab social media-sized images and topic ideas here.

Summer Promotion – 20% Off

  • 20% off site-wide
  • Affiliate code =summerchill
  • Starts June 1, 2023, at midnight MT
  • EndsSeptember 6, 2023, at midnight MT
  • Email for a custom code
  • Banners and links can be found on Shareasale or Revoffers/Katalyst

Summer Topic Ideas

  • Help Pets With Fireworks Anxiety with Joy Organics’ Pet Products
  • Summer cocktail recipes using our tinctures. Recipes can include alcohol or be a mock-tail. I love adding the Full Spectrum Tropical Sunrise Tincture with my lemonade on a summer night 🙂 You can also share Joy Organics’ recipes. Remember, any link can be turned into an affiliate link with the Custom Link Generator
  • Summer workout recovery ideas
  • Chill summer night tips
  • Summer playlist paired with your favorite CBD product